I’m Luca Luceri

Data, Networks, and AI

About me

I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California (USC) and a Research Scientist at the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI) in the research group led by Emilio Ferrara. My research leverages machine learning, data science, and network science to detect, investigate, and mitigate online harms in socio-technical systems. I study malicious behaviors, misinformation, and manipulation dynamics on social media to design algorithms for their detection and identify actionable insights for their mitigation. My study and interest fall into research areas such as computational social science, AI for social good, and behavioral science

Research interests

Data and Network Science

My research encompasses machine learning, data and network science for exploring social phenomena in online ecosystem

Misbehaviors on Social Media

I investigate abusive and malicious behaviours on social media with particular emphasis on misinformation and manipulation dynamics

Social Influence

I am interested in exploring how social influence can impact information and behaviour diffusion on web platforms and real life

Latest events

Here you can find some updates about me, my work, and my new experiences!

🏅Awarded with the Best Presentation Award and 🏆 Best Paper Award for the work “Contextualizing Internet Memes Across Social Media Platforms”at the Workshop on Multimodal Content Analysis for Social Good at the Web Conference 2024
🏆 Our paper “Leveraging Large Language Models to Detect Influence Campaigns on Social Media” won the Best Paper Award at BeyondFacts’24 (The Web Conference 2024)
✈️ Invited to participate in the workshop “All Source Intelligence at Scale” (ASINT) by ISAT. Flying to New York City soon!
📘📘 two papers accepted (and one rejected 🥲) in the proceedings of the Web Conference 2024
📘📘 two papers out in EPJ Data Science: 1) Exposing influence campaigns in the age of LLMs: a behavioral-based AI approach to detecting state-sponsored trolls; 2) How does Twitter account moderation work? Dynamics of account creation and suspension on Twitter during major geopolitical events
✈️ flying to Indiana for two invited talks at the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University!
🏅 Our paper “The Interconnected Nature of Online Harm and Moderation: Investigating the Cross-Platform Spread of Harmful Content between YouTube and Twitter” was nominated for the Ted Nelson Award at the ACM Hypertext Conference
🫶 The paper “Tracking Fringe and Coordinated Activity on Twitter Leading Up To the US Capitol Attack” has been accepted to ICWSM’24
🫶 Four papers accepted to ICWSM’23 Companion Proceedings ✈️ Flying to Cyprus in June
✈️ flying to Austin (TX) soon for the Web Conference, where I’ll be chairing the session on “Misinformation and Misperception” at Web Science 2023!